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Le` Amoureuse;
Hello 2013
Monday, 31 December 2012 ◆ 4:18 pm


Cantiknya PARIS OMG cantiknya cantiknya cantiknyaaaaaa. I don't really know why I am obsessed with this place actually, so yeah I FREAKING REALLY DO.

Oh hey 2012, here's a little goodbye from 2013.

And 2013, i have a message for you. No words for today :)

New crush. Demm you taylor swift, nasib baik kau comel.  ("―˛―) 

Hnnngggggggg  ()  *le` me melts

This should be funny hahahahahahaha. Get it? Lewls

I want to say this to him.

Exclusively for PMR

Here we go 2013. New beginning, new hopes, new dreams.
Can't wait to read these lame jokes..

Jangan masuk tandas pada pukul 11:59 malam pada 31/12/12 kerana anda akan keluar daripada tandas tersebut pada tahun depan.

Ha ha ha. Oh and for shams 98's liners.. this is ours. REACH THE TARGET

Credit: Syaqiela's fb

Don't make our bonda cries again okay? :') Qudwah Hasanah, you're the best.

2012, thanks for the memories